Reliability is our strength.

Your property is our responsibility.

Our aim is your contentedness and the preservation of your property’s value. Since 2007 the personal service for you has determined our activities in the metropolitan region putting your property at the centre of our attention.

For us, “administration” means a relationship based on mutual trust and a transparent cooperation between you as the owner and us as your property manager. This not only requires personal reliability but also a high level of expertise. Therefore, our team is composed of experienced property managers using the latest state-of-the-art software in order to take on a professional and transparent administrative function for you.

A strong team.

To relieve you.

In order to always keep our knowledge up to date and to be able to support you in even complex situations, our employees regularly receive commercial, legal and technical training.

Due to our membership in the Association of German Real Estate Managers, we can also draw on wide-ranging competences and extensive special conditions for you.

Being a strong team and in close cooperation with our network of lawyers, tax consultants, estate agents, craftsmen and caretakers, we can offer you fast and efficient solutions – especially for processing warranty claims.


Our responsibility for tomorrow.

As a property management company we take sustainability very seriously. For this reason we have reviewed our entire business processes and, being a service company, we consistently focus on the digitalization of our work processes. Thus, we largely work paperless.

With the introduction of “SmartWorking” we increasingly enable our employees to work from home and support them in using public transport. This way we reduce the consumption of important resources for travelling to and from work. 

As a modern and sustainable property management company we also offer our clients digital meetings and owners’ meetings and thanks to our online platform we can minimize the postal dispatch of documents in line with data protection requirements. 

We have always paid attention to short travel distances by strictly regional tendering and want to support local small and medium-sized companies. The next step will be to prepare a questionnaire on sustainability for our downstream service providers and craftsmen in order to create some awareness among them as to which further measures will contribute to environmental and climate protection.