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For us, “administration” means a relationship based on mutual trust and a transparent cooperation between you as the owner and us as your property manager. This not only requires personal reliability but also a high level of expertise.

Since 2007 the Hausverwaltung für Wohnkapital GmbH – HAWOKA for short – offers its services in the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg and manages over 100 properties and a large number of individual flats in southern Germany. Our head office in Nuremberg offers you a high degree of proximity to the customer and reacts promptly and flexibly to your concerns. In our offices you also find appropriate premises for your owners’ meeting. 

As a modern property management company, we would like to be your personal contact in all matters of property management!

Manuela Schenkel

Business graduate and managing director

Our expertise for your property

With the reform of the WEG law in 2020, the provision for certified administrators was introduced. Anyone who has proven their legal, commercial and technical knowledge in an examination before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce may call themselves a certified administrator.

Your property will only be managed by certified administrators!